Ames Chapter Accounting & Financial Women's Alliance

Member Awards

Founders' Day Award  
Margaret Munson, CPA 2017
Jan Duffy, CPA 2016
Karen E. Jacobson, CPA 2015
Member of the Year  
Elizabeth Almond, CPA 2017-2018
Kayla Sander 2016-2017
Margaret Munson, CPA 2015-2016
Jaimie Williamson, CPA 2014-2015
Catherine Mulder, CPA 2013-2014
Margaret Munson, CPA 2012-2013
Brenda O'Neall Smith 2011-2012
Stephanie Roscoe; Penelle Strum; and
Kathleen Strum, CPA
Lisa Lembke 2009-2010
Margaret Munson, CPA 2008-2009
Kathleen Strum, CPA 2007-2008
No award 2006-2007
Annmarie Kurtenbach, CPA 2005-2006
Cindy Sippel, CPA 2004-2005
Jan Duffy, CPA 2003-2004
Karen Jacobson, CPA 2002-2003
Catherine Mulder, CPA 2001-2002
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