Ames Chapter Accounting & Financial Women's Alliance

Member Awards

Founders' Day Award  
Cindy Sippel, CPA 2019
Margaret Munson, CPA 2017
Jan Duffy, CPA 2016
Karen E. Jacobson, CPA 2015
Member of the Year  
Lisa Palmersheim and Kayla Sander 2018-2019
Elizabeth Almond, CPA 2017-2018
Kayla Sander 2016-2017
Margaret Munson, CPA 2015-2016
Jaimie Williamson, CPA 2014-2015
Catherine Mulder, CPA 2013-2014
Margaret Munson, CPA 2012-2013
Brenda O'Neall Smith 2011-2012
Stephanie Roscoe; Penelle Strum; and
Kathleen Strum, CPA
Lisa Lembke 2009-2010
Margaret Munson, CPA 2008-2009
Kathleen Strum, CPA 2007-2008
No award 2006-2007
Annmarie Kurtenbach, CPA 2005-2006
Cindy Sippel, CPA 2004-2005
Jan Duffy, CPA 2003-2004
Karen Jacobson, CPA 2002-2003
Catherine Mulder, CPA 2001-2002
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